In a twinkling of an eye it's 2020, and to say that 2019's most surprising star look for the editor, it must be Ju Jing Yi's set. A small fresh but no recognition of the image, a change into a rich flower.


I have some objection to the title of \"beauty once in four thousand years\" before. Now the objection is even bigger.


Black velvet dress with bling flash accessories, a word \"beautiful \", two words\" expensive \"; delicate and small features, pinched in place expression and posture, and the corner of the mouth with the sweet and proud coquettish, is really both retro elegant and fashionable atmosphere.


Almost everyone in the editor's list of beauty bloggers has a course on \"Ju Jing's makeup.\" It can be said that the beauty blogger who has not painted Ju Jing's imitation makeup is not a good beauty blogger. Summing up Ju's makeup features, isn't this the \"Chinese makeup\" of the recent fire?


Hmm? My little head is full of big doubts... What is Chinese makeup? Is there anything different about our makeup? As a chinese there is no truth to know.


When we are still looking at the beauty makeup master video painting miscellaneous makeup, women group makeup, european and american makeup, but do not know that \"chinese makeup\" has become the most fashionable, the hottest new beauty fashion.


It is also thanks to the sharing of so-called chinese makeup on the tubing by his younger sister, mr. tsui, from japan, and the prediction that the make-up would be in flames, not to mention the whole world, at least in asia.


After sniffing at the trendy japanese fashion magazine eventeen, the topic of \"chinese makeup\" came out. Don't say, it's really different from the Japanese makeup, a bit of Chinese flavor.


Judging by an interview with neon girls on the streets of Japan by the@Night Truth Research Council, Chinese makeup is really red in Japan. Chinese makeup, women's rights?


The same Asian similar features, the same nose, eye painting, lipstick, and the Japanese and South Korean makeup compared to what is the difference? There's a big difference in style!


Chinese makeup is described as the most female independent will, clean and bushy eyebrows, three-dimensional facial contours, and the blessing of a large red lip. This has a strong aura of makeup, in this age of women's rights, is certainly popular.


How on earth can Chinese makeup be painted? Learn from the editor, grasp the following key points, New Year home to draw it, no one asked you work, study and ideals, no one rushed to marry, birth, only to praise your beauty!


Unlike the natural background makeup of the Japanese and the water light muscle of the Korean department, the Chinese bottom makeup is matte, and it needs to be free of blemishes to paint on a perfect \"canvas \".


Probably because as Asian facial features are relatively flat, so envy Europe and America deep, three-dimensional features of the contour of the bar, we have a lot of obsession with repair, obvious to all.


The so-called performance of Chinese makeup female will, mostly from the eyebrow. Add the elegance of an oriental woman on the basis of European and American makeup. eyebrow peak slightly up, eyebrow tail natural fall long. The position of the eyebrow peak and the tail of the eyebrow should be found properly.


Finally, add a red lip as a nod. Don't shine toot lips, don't mute the texture of the European and American lips, a little bit of glossy red is the best choice.

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